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Riding In Cars With Curls

woman smiling and raising her hands to the sky

Hey there Curlies- Some of you may recognize the subtle shout out in the top title to my all time favorite celebrity crush, Drew Barrymore. :) I love her. In perfectly acceptable, non-stalkery ways. Drew-if you are reading, first off THANK YOU and secondly, I’m super safe (I live too far away to be a stalker anyway.) But I digress.

We are entering the warmer months of the year and all the nuances that come with it.. In true fashion and in an effort to grab as much vitamin D as we can, convertible car tops will come down when applicable. Today is one of those sunshiny days and as luck would have it  I’m heading to San Francisco on a short road trip. You can bet I’ll have the top down on my convertible car. That’s right – I have a convertible car AND a curly hair obsession. How can that BE? I’m here to tell you my secrets. :)

The key to preserving your curly hair during a top-down drive is NOT to scrunch-out-the-crunch when they dry. 

Whether you air dry or dry with a diffuser, when your hair gets to that point where you’d normally scrunch out any crunch, DON’T. That crunch acts like a built in shield and makes your beautiful curly hair resistant to the wind for all curly hair types. Through trials and tribulations I have found that this is what preserves my curls on top-down road trips, so let the crunch serve you in the best possible way.

Don’t hesitate or feel like you need to say no the next time you have a chance to ride top down in a convertible. You don’t have to choose between your curly hair and the sun. With this tip, you can have your curly hair and freedom too!

Safe driving Curlies! Bring on the sun. Talk to you soon!