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Curl Pattern Type

Type 1 - Straight

Straight hair can be either fine, medium or thick (coarse) and doesn’t have any movement in the shape of the hair strand, meaning that it is entirely straight.

Type 1

Type 2 - Wavy

Wavy hair curl patterns can range from loosely tousled textures (2A) to “S” shaped patterns of defined waves (2B, 2C). While all are considered "wavy", they each have their own unique style and require their own hair care routine.

Type 2

Type 3 - Curly

Type 3 Curly hair is “S” shaped that ranges from loose, bouncy curls to springy, tight corkscrew curls. They are often well defined and bouncy which can lead to a lot of body, but they can be easily styled in their natural state or straightened with a blow dryer.

Type 3

Type 4 - Coily

Type 4 hair is the tightest curl pattern and has “S” shaped or zig-zag curls that are very tightly coiled. Since this hair type is so tightly coiled, it’s known to shrink up to 50% of the actual hair strand’s length. It also has fewer cuticle layers than any other hair type. This means that it has less natural protection from damage inflicted by combing, brushing, curling, blow-drying or straightening, so it’s important to find the right products.

Type 4