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Gentle Lather Shampoo
Ann-Marie Seabolt
Gentle enough to use daily

I love Gentle Lather Shampoo because I can use it every day without drying out my hair. I style with Confident Coils and Spiralicious Gel and just air dry. I love how easy it is to get good results from Jessicurl products!

So many compliments

Each time I do my hair with Jessicurl products I get compliments from strangers (& some friends). My hair is wavy but it doesn’t get as wavy as with these products. My hair looks shiny, not frizzy…& although I’ve been losing a lot of hair…these products helps my hair look thicker… that’s with air drying ! When I use the diffuser & it looks even thicker and wavier! I’m so glad I found these products via a FB group for “curlies”. Bittersweet that it was when the founder’s passing was posted. May she rest in eternal peace!!! Thank you so much Jessi! ❤️ (picture with face is with other hair products for comparison!)

Spiralicious Styling Gel
Eurica Billinger
Life Saver

I love this product!! I have been using it since it launched. I’ve tried other products, but I keep coming back to this one. It holds my curls perfectly and keeps the frizz at bay. It does what no other product does!

GO to products for a great hairday

It's very hard to find products with no/low protein and humectants. Jessicurl makes my curls very happy

Great Shampoo and Conditioner

I've been using Jessicurl Gentle Lathering shampoo and Too Shea! Extra Moisturizing Conditioner for several years now, and they're both great products. I have long, silver 2B hair, and my waves love the Jessicurl products. People compliment me on my shiny, healthy hair wherever I go.

Lots of curls in my family

I have tried many product for curly hair and have been using Curls Rock by TGI for at least 10 years or more. I actually enjoyed your products. Looking into purchasing soon!

Great product

I have wavy/curly very coarse thick hair that gets crunchy when I use protein. Jessicurl has the perfect ingredients that makes my difficult hair manageable

the best

This is the only product that has been able to tame my hair. I can wear it up, down and every other way and only have to style every other day. I didn't even know that was a possibility. I also appreciate I don't have to worry about a ton of unnecessary chemicals.

My Go-To Gel

Spiralicious is the most reliable and consistent gel I’ve ever used. I get great hold for days and it holds up in all kinds of weather. This is the gel I reach for the most when I need my hair to be on point. 10/10 recommend!

Hair Cleansing Cream
Tried and true shampoo

This one was the first shampoo I tried when I started my curly hair journey and it has worked perfect from day one. I have tried many shampoos and hair cleansers and ended up coming back to this one because it is the only one that cleans my hair without completely stripping it. It leaves my air clean, soft and the citrus lavender is a lovely light scent.

Love this gel! I get a good cast and my curls last for days

It’s easy to use too much. Love this line of products but still unsure about the gel

Great for fly away hair

I have fine to med hair that is thinning. This product provides just enough texture and curl encouragement. I only use about a nickel size on my shoulder length hair. Being a natural product, the product can get coagulated. To solve that, I heat 1 - 2 oz in the microwave for 10 to 15 seconds to bring it back to a thinner texture.


Aloeba Daily Conditioner is the perfect detangler and conditioner for my curls. It's a savior when traveling with varying hard and soft water.

excellent for curlies

great product refreshes my curls

Deep conditioner

I love this product. It’s my one and only conditioner.

My go to

I use.this after conditioning and leave it in. Works well to time my dry, wild curls. Use oil with it as well

Works great, not crunchy

I think I prefer this to Rocking Ringlets

Not “no fragrance”

The odor was so strong it irritated my eyes and flared my asthma. I threw it away immediately

Perfect for those who follow the curly girl method! Lovely scent too.