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Caring for Winter Curls

woman with brown wavy hair looking off into the distance with a snowy city hazily in the background

Your curls need you now more than ever so let’s get a little bit sciency and a little bit proactive about fortifying your curls to eliminate hair damage in these harsher months of the year.


As counter intuitive as it may seem, our curly hair actually gets dryer than usual in the winter and the weather can be damaging to the overall health of our hair. This is because atmospherically the dew point and temperature drop during the  winter months creating a lack of humidity, which dries everything out. Our curls LOVE humidity! Winter?...not so much.


But what can we do?

We already know that staying in bed with the comforter pulled over you is not a viable option and you better stay away from those clippers. 

It really isn’t too difficult to provide your luscious curls with all the moisture they crave and have them ready to show on a daily basis!


It’s simple, you need humectants! 

Humectants are ingredients in products that attract moisture from your environment and put them to work making your curls moisturized and bouncy. They are “hydrophilic” meaning these ingredients are naturally attracted to water molecules and pair up.


Here is what we recommend:

Rockin Ringlets Styling Potion and Gelebration Spray both contain glycerin, which is a humectant and has moisturizing properties on their own making them the perfect cold-weather companion. In addition, as both are curl enhancers, you get the added bonus of maintaining balance and not living in fear of over moisturized curls. This is due to their main  ingredient, flaxseeds, that add structure to curls and waves.


Finishing off your curl routine with a tiny drop of Oil Blend as a hair oil treatment will lock in all the moisture you worked so hard to get in and also protect against harsh external elements such as cold weather and central heating. To apply, disperse a few drops in hands and smooth throughout wet or dry hair focusing on ends to add softness and shine.


At the end of the day the key is to not panic! Trust what you have learned already when it comes to caring for your curly hair and if you are contemplating changing routines for the season or adding hair care products to your regime, tweak it but don’t completely overhaul it! The best way to get into trouble is to overthink all the wonderful things you already know.