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Claire x Jessicurl Partnership

Deciding to fully embrace my curly hair and embark on my healthy hair, deep wave journey in 2018 has changed my life, not just my curls. Learn more about me and the journey here!

Learning to love our curls has so much more meaning other than what our hair looks like on the outside. It often awakens self-esteem and the confidence to embrace who we truly are. Ultimately it leads us on a journey about so much more than curly hair and deep waves and guess what? We are not alone on this path!

My journey ignited a passion: House of Curls was born through ongoing research and a struggle to find products to style my curly hair and I could not believe how difficult it was to purchase them. This inspired me; not only was there a demand for textured hair products I also felt these products had no place hidden away; they needed to be easily accessible like all other forms of hair care. It became clear that products for natural hair were marketed differently than products for straight hair.

Fast forward five years and textured hair care products are much more easily accessible for deep wave and curly hair (which is amazing!). However, in a bustling market full of multiple products and brands, many have become overcome with choices and complicated routines to try and incorporate all of these products. This wasn’t who I was and became one of the deciding factors in bringing my online store to a close. After having the opportunity to try most of the products out there, I felt it was time to refocus on what made me fall in love with this industry in the first place: uncomplicated products that work!

When Jessicurl approached me to become part of the Jessicurl family/brand, my journey felt full circle. Being able to work with a brand that not only reflects my thoughts and feelings on the industry, education and products but also being the exact brand that started my love affair with my curls, this is a real pinch-me moment! Spiralicious Styling Gel is and always will be my holy grail (if you know, you know)! 

Join me in this journey of being with an industry leader brand with over 20 years of experience that was one of the original brands within the Curly Girl method movement era as I explore the honour of educating and entertaining our family of “curlies”! I could not be more excited!