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Oil Myths & Facts

brown curly hair on a sandy beach surrounding three bottles of product

Hello Curlies,

With the summer months upon us the elements are not always friendly to our beautiful heads of hair but that is not going to stop us from heading out and enjoying the warm days and luxuriously long nights.

It’s a good thing we have our Oil Blend with natural oils for curly hair to assist us in these sunshiny times!

Our UK resident and curly hair guru has unraveled a bit of the complex world of hair oil and hair oil treatments to properly care for your curls.

5 Oil Myths Explained

When it comes to hair oil, many myths can cause confusion in deciding the best way to incorporate hair oil treatments into your routine.

Below, we break down five common myths and discuss what’s what.


Myth 1: Only people with dry curly hair should use hair oil.

Fact: Any curly hair style can use hair oil. Hair oil nourishes and moisturizes dry hair and can also benefit all curl types (no matter the texture or length). Due to our unique curl patterns and curly hair styles, curls can feel drier than straight hair, as the natural oils produced struggle to travel down the spiraling hair shaft. For this reason, hair oil is a great option to add extra moisture to those curls and to help avoid breakage.


Myth 2: Hair Oil will make my hair look and feel greasy.

Fact: People often fear using hair oil because it will make their hair look and feel greasy. This can be true for those with an oily scalp and curly hair styles. However, this doesn’t mean those with a naturally oily hair type can’t use oil. How you use oil within your routine can depend on your hair type or specific needs at certain times. Some use a few drops every time they wash their hair, whereas some only reach for the Oil Blend if their hair is feeling particularly dry. However, if you choose to use oil, less is more, thanks to hair oil's high concentration.  Our versatile, lightweight hair Oil Blend can protect, lock in moisture, smooth curls, and add shine, wet or dry, with some using a few drops on day 2 or 3 curls to re-energise them.


Myth 3: Hair oil should only be used on wet hair.

Fact: Undoubtedly, hair oil works well when used on wet hair. You can use hair oil on damp hair after you’ve conditioned it; this will help seal in the moisture. However, our Oil Blend is so versatile that you can use it in many other ways. Try it on the ends of your curls between wash days to help keep them plump and springy, or use it as a finishing oil to ensure your curls are smooth and shiny or to scrunch out the crunch (SOTC) of a gel cast.


Myth 4: Applying hair oil to my scalp will promote hair growth.

Fact: While oil won’t regrow hair, it can promote a healthy scalp, encouraging hair follicle growth and will aid in reducing hair loss. Massaging our hair Oil Blend into the scalp with your fingertips will stimulate blood circulation to the hair follicles, encouraging healthy-looking curls and can be considered an oil for hair growth.


Myth 5: It’s best to leave the oil in the hair overnight.

Fact: Leaving hair oil on overnight or for prolonged periods doesn’t mean better results; you can apply hair oil for a few hours before you wash your hair and let your strands soak up all that moisturizing goodness before cleansing with shampoo.


And there you have it! From a woman who knows exactly how to maintain a beautiful head of natural curls and properly utilize the best natural oils for curly hair. Don’t be intimidated by using a hair oil treatment. Know how the facts, dispel the myths, and feel empowered to keep your curly hair style at their happiest, even during the relentless summer months!