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Travel, Guests, Gifts... Oh My!

three different collections of product in clear travel bags in a suitcase on a table

There just is no wrong time to have a collection of the right products at your fingertips. We have found that the festive season presents so many more situations outside our day-to-day lives, with holiday travel, guests, & gift giving, that having convenient access to your complete routine becomes a necessity.  Whether you need to refresh your look in time for family photos, introduce your niece to curly haircare for the first time, or are headed on the trip of a lifetime these collections are sure to give you your best washday this season! 


First of all, what are these “collections” that we speak of? 


We have taken our collective knowledge of textured haircare and discussed how we can provide complete collections of our products to you so that you don’t have to “trial and error” your hair routine. What products work best with each other? How can we maximize convenience in certain situations? How can we offer a wide range of options at a big savings? The results of our deliberations are listed below!


Which Collection is best for you? 


Light & Luminous Collection is a collection of products for fine waves and curls.


Rich & Radiant Collection is best for thicker, drier curls


Confidence Collection is best for dry coils.


All of our collections come in a handy travel case, made from hemp & vinyl, to help keep you organized and are available in 2 oz or 8 oz sizes for your convenience. 


Our 2 oz collections are perfect for traveling.

Available in No Fragrance Added


Our 8 oz collections are perfect for longer trips by car.

Available in No Fragrance Added, Citrus Lavender, & Island Fantasy


What makes our Collections specifically ideal for this season? 




Have to make it through TSA airport checks? Our 2oz collections meet all regulatory requirements so you KNOW you’ll arrive at your destination with everything you need for the best washday while away! 


Our hemp & clear vinyl travel bags make it easy to grab & scan all of your products at once while also keeping your luggage organized all trip long.




Providing a comfortable and inviting stay for your house guests during their holiday travels includes anticipating their needs. Whether your guests have coily, curly, wavy, or even straight hair our cleansers & conditioners are sure to give them the best washday they’ve had in ages! 


What if they were the unlucky ones that had to toss their products at the TSA? What if they forgot their conditioner? Our collections provide a full haircare solution or fills in the gaps where needed. No half bottles of leftover products taken from the kids showers here. The only downside is they may not want to leave until the products are gone. 


Don’t worry we have a solution for that…. keep reading.




Do you have a friend or family member who has not embraced their beautiful curls? 

Share your Jessicurl secrets with them through gift giving! 


Well, what about our house guests that have decided to extend their stay? 

Get a separate collection to give them as a parting gift so they can remember how wonderful it was staying with you.


The bottom line? There is always a perk to having collections on hand for yourself, your guests, or any situation you might find yourself in, but the festive season is unlike any other time of year... 


Be confident to present the very best of you and your flowing tresses!