Limited Edition Holiday Bundles Are Here!

three holiday bundles boxes of products and accessories on a wooden table surrounded by lights and candles

We did it! For the very first time in our long history we have created our Holiday Bundle gift boxes to give the gift of touchably soft curls to those that are most important to you, and hey, maybe that person is YOU!


The process was such an amazing experience for us. We encourage you to use these bundles in whatever way inspires or serves you best, but we got our brightest and most creative minds together to talk about hair types and products best used together for spectacular results. After much coffee, tons of dry erase ink and lots of bonding, here are Jessicurl’s 2023 Limited Edition Holiday Bundles and our recommendations on how you can maximize their use:


Important Note - While certain bundles may cater better to certain hair types, any hair type (Straight, Wavy, Curly, Coily) could benefit from any of these bundles!


Root Refresh

Crafted to focus on one key principle: healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Perfect for Curlies of all hair types who are looking to go back to the basics & get to the root of what makes hair grow healthy!



Stimulating Scalp Massage Oil, Too Shea! Extra Moisturizing Conditioner, Scalp Brush, Microfiber Scrunching Towel, and a Wide Tooth Shower Comb with Hook.


Begin your Root Refresh journey by getting your shower hot and steamy. The hot water running over your scalp in combination with the steam will open your hair follicles so they’re ready to accept all the nutrients you’re about to provide. Pour a small puddle of Stimulating Scalp Massage Oil into your hand and evenly coat your palms, then run your fingers through the roots of your hair to deposit the oil on your scalp. If you feel certain sections are difficult to reach or apply to, you can also directly apply the oil from the bottle. 


Once every inch of your scalp is luxuriating in the lovely blend of vitamin & antioxidant rich oils, herbs, and essential oils, pick up your new Exfoliating Scalp Brush. Massage in the oil by making small circular motions across your scalp. This will clear out any dead skin cells and increase blood flow to the hair follicle, helping the oil penetrate further. You might even start feeling some little tingles on your scalp! No need to be alarmed, that’s just the peppermint working its magic. You then want to give the Stimulating Scalp Massage Oil time to reach its full potential, so don’t be afraid to attend to other shower duties for the next 5 to 10 minutes, keeping your hair away from the water.


Now that you’ve let the oil do its job, it’s time to lather up your favorite Jessicurl Shampoo, so no excess moisturizing agents remain to weigh down your hair. A double cleanse may even be necessary depending on how much your hair loves to hang onto oils. Then, you’ll add the right amount of moisture back in by coating your hair in Too Shea! Extra Moisturizing Conditioner. A customer favorite, this medium-weight conditioner has protein and tons of lovely herbs and spices that are all great for hair and scalp health. 


This is then the perfect moment to use our Wide Tooth Shower Comb to help disperse the product along your strands and safely detangle. The comb’s hooked design allows you to easily hang it in the shower so it will always be in reach. 


Once the conditioner has sat on your hair for 3-5 minutes, rinse out and finish up in the shower. After you hop out, use the Microfiber Scrunching Towel to absorb excess water while preventing any damage to your tresses. Feel free to style with your favorite Jessicurl Stylers as normal with a scalp that feels renewed and ready to take on life’s challenges!


Sleep & Go: 

Crafted to make extending your wash days easier by protecting your curls while you sleep & helping you give your curls a boost in the morning. With a focus on minimal product reapplication, this bundle is perfect for our low porosity, fine haired, or on-the-go Curlies!



Pick Comb, Awe Inspiraling Refresher Spray, Satin Pillowcase, Oil Blend, and Aquavescent Hair Spray.

Begin your Sleep & Go journey by getting ready for a good night’s sleep. Believe it or not, your pillowcase is your most important bedtime partner! Why? The material we lay our head on can mean the difference between waking up with a halo around our heads or strong and tame strands. With our Satin Pillowcase, you can have no doubt that your hair will be protected from frizz & breakage while sleeping, while your skin gets to experience a gentle, smooth and silky caress.


As dawn breaks and you need to get ready for the day, it’s time to assess your tresses’ needs. Hairs breaking free from the pack? Spray and smooth down with our lightweight and alcohol free Aquavescent Hair Spray. Roots lacking some volume? Gently tug while lifting the hair away from the scalp with our Pick Comb to add definition and volume. Droopy curls that could use some revitalization? Reactivate with Awe Inspiraling Spray, providing hydration, moisture and curl enhancement. Seeking protection from the damage the environment presents? Lock in hydration, strengthen bonds, and tame strands with Oil Blend.


No matter your wavy, curly, or coily needs in the morning, our Sleep & Go bundle ensures you have a cure all for your morning haircare needs.


Moisture Boost

Crafted to focus on deep conditioning for those with dryer hair, thicker curl patterns & textures, or focused on repairing heat damage.



Two bottles of Deep Conditioning Treatment, Oil Blend, Hot Head Deep Conditioning Flaxseed Cap, and a Wide Tooth Comb.


Begin your Moisture Boost journey by wetting your hair to prepare for product application. Pour some Oil Blend into a small, microwave safe bowl and heat in short increments. Be sure to test the temperature by touch so it gets nice and warm to penetrate and soothe the hair shaft, but not so hot it will burn you. Once properly heated, coat your ends to start the hydration process.


Ends covered in Oil Blend, let’s not forget to nourish the length of your tresses! Generously apply Deep Conditioning Treatment from roots to ends. To help evenly coat your strands and safely detangle your hair, comb through with our Wide Tooth Comb. You’ll know your hair is sufficiently saturated if, when you twist a half-inch thick section of hair, conditioner squeezes out.


You’ve successfully applied your Jessicurl Products and now it's time to help them shine with the help of our Flaxseed Heat Cap. Place the cap on a microwave safe plate in your microwave and heat in 30 second increments, alternating sides to a maximum of 3 minutes, until your heat cap is hot but safe to touch. To protect the heat cap, as the flaxseeds prevent the cap from being washable, first place your hair in one of the included Biodegradable Shower Caps. Once you’ve ensured there’s been no strand left behind, place the warm heat cap on your head so our ingredients can work their magic.


After treating your hair for 30 minutes, you can either choose to heat the cap again for a prolonged experience or remove, discard the biodegradable cap, and rinse out. Don’t forget to cleanse thoroughly, potentially even double cleansing, with your favorite Jessicurl Shampoo. This guarantees the follicle is cleared of any left over moisturizing ingredients that may cause the appearance of oiliness.


Congratulations, you now have soft and shiny curls that everyone will rave over!


We are keeping these gift boxes extra special by having them for just a limited time only and offering them at discounted bundle-rates on our website.


It is no secret that our products work best as a system but when you throw in tools like towels, combs and caps, put them in a perfectly packaged little gift box and toss a little Holiday sparkle throughout, you have yourself a very special gift to somebody just begging to embrace their magnificent curls!


Show them that you care and tell them proudly “You Have The Right To Remain Curly” and please have a very happy holiday from all of us here at Jessicurl.