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Traveling With Curls

curly haired woman playing with a piece of hair with a graphic of landmarks behind here with the text "It's time to travel"

The days are getting longer and the sun is starting to thaw us from our sweater-laden winter. As our social calendars start to fill again we are reintroduced to that familiar friend, the travel bug, but our curls don’t always agree with the rigors of traveling. Don’t let your hair hold you back from adventure. Here are a few key tips to traveling with your curls this summer:

Plan Ahead

The cornerstone of successful travel is generally planning but with your curls, it needs to happen a little differently.

Learn about the climate you're heading into. Is it dryer and warmer? You may need to concentrate more on moisturizing and leave-in conditioners.

Secondly, how long will you be gone and how many wash days fall into that time frame? People's initial thought is to wash your hair the night before you leave, but unless you need to be “put together” upon arrival try to plan your first wash day after you arrive at your destination. Traveling by any mode is challenging on your hair. Let your curls take the punishment of travel as well as get introduced to the new climate upon arrival and then bring it back to health once there.  

Finally, plan on having some “up-do” days. Play with different styles before your trip and incorporate your findings into your schedule. Part of travel is getting to know a new you anyway!

Travel Sizes

We know just how crucial travel size bottles are to a successful adventure so we already have 2oz bottles (travel size) available for all of your favorite products. In addition, our carefully cultivated Collections are available in travel sizes and even come in a convenient zipped travel bag. Now you don’t have to look like a roaming apothecary, sacrifice certain products from your arsenal, or have a large separate bag just for your hair care products. We have it travel ready for you.

Wheels Up, Accessories Up

Do not rely on the hair supplies that you need to be a service offered where you travel. Don’t forget your curl essentials at home:


Emergency Product

You are most likely going to be “on-the-go” and so you need to have some quick application products that step in and do the heavy lifting when needed.

Our Awe Inspiraling Refresher Spray refreshes and gives your curls a quick moisturizing shot for those dryer and warmer environments, Confident Coils Styling Solution provides humidity protection for touchably soft curls in all climates, Sprialicious Styling Gel will give you all day hold, and Gelebration Spray is an easily applied curl enhancer. They are all available in 2 oz travel size bottles!

Stay Hydrated

This one is often overlooked when you are concentrating on your hair health. Your curls don’t only draw needed moisture from the climate they are located in but also the vase that they are planted in. Yes, that's right, YOU are that vase. Drink water and lots of it. It’s good for so many reasons and your curls will thank you.

We become wonderfully busy this time of year but with such a luscious head of curls and a busy social schedule, we need to think a couple of steps ahead. We have taken the necessary steps to do some of the heavy lifting for you.

Travel safely!